A Walk To Remember

Making our way to the old country, chasing each other down those country lanes, singing our favorite Ed Sheeran songs, inhaling the pristine mint scent of the country breeze and sharing our laughter and tears with one another is the kind of walk I love to remember.

We were like symphonies- we create a perfect melody. We were like a jigsaw puzzle- we fit together like we complete each others day, each others life. We were that perfect. You grew roots around my rib cage and sprouted flowers that bloom in eternity while we were taking the endless road to forever. A kind of walk I love to remember.

In this universe, I’d choose you. In a million lifetimes, in a thousand worlds, in any version of reality, I still choose you, only you. You knocked on the door, a way to my heart. Instead of keeping it locked up forever, I chose to let you in, to be my everything while crossing a bridge on our way to everlasting love. A kind of walk I love to remember.

You make me smile, it cures my messed up soul. You were a blessing in disguise. We were counting countless stars, realizing it was nightfall. We were too busy strolling down the old country lanes. Just me and him on our way to eternity. A kind of walk a love to remember.

We decided to take a break from a long tiring walk. We sat down on a bed of grass facing each other, hearts beating faster, eyes dazing to one another, smiles getting wider. No one dared to say anything for our mouths can’t seem to translate the things our hearts wishes to say. That moment was all too magical, all to romantic. Every moment, even the spaces between seconds, it was all worth it. We finally reached our destination. A walk I will forever remember.



You Gave Up

You left me memories I cannot forget, yet I always remember.

You left me memories I cannot forget, yet I always

You left me memories I cannot forget, yet I

You left me memories I cannot forget, yet

You left me memories I cannot forget,

You left me memories I cannot

You left me memories I

You left me memories

You left me…

You left.


Travel Buddy

I almost lost my grip to reality when we were dazing the night sky full of twinkling stars like glitters scattered in a vast blanket of everything. I forgot about those once upon a times, those used-to-bes.  With this boy beside me, the rest of the world disappears, I was never going back to the past that duped me. This isn’t virtual reality, this time all was real and magical. Promises framed, stars aimed, wanderlust consumed my system. I’ll continue to seize the world and travel with my one and only travel partner.


Catastrophic History

I ploddingly closed my tired eyes, tears rapidly escaping, flowing down my wrecked-up face. Suddenly my mind shifted to a familiar scene, then I remembered everything. I did not see that coming, it was surreal, I thought, he was just up to something like a child planning mischievous tricks and waggery jokes. Unfortunately, it wasn’t like that, at all. He vanished, he faded away and all that remained was heartbreak; thorns, knives and shattered memories that for a tragic once upon a time, my heart had been destroyed.


From Red to Black

I saw you  in my dreams. It felt so real. Remember how we danced and swayed and partied all night? Remember the rose you gave me? Shining so red, so beautiful, so majestic. Unfortunately the red red rose died and wilted..

Partly, it was a nightmare. Apologies. I’ve realized, you did it the millionth time around! Those apologies don’t mean much to me anymore. You never change! It’s a waste of time believing that you ever will. Yes, I miss you. And yes, I love you but I don’t like the way you treat me. I don’t want to get hurt all over again.

For once, I was a glamorous red rose, for once, I was shining so red, so beautiful, so majestic. Sadly, this will all come to an end. I became black and he saw the life leave my beautiful eyes, even though I’m not dead.